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  • Healthcare

    “The recent changes in Healthcare policy have presented several difficult challenges within the industry. The Aescit Corporation was able to mitigate Human Resource expenditures while streamlining several aspects of our organization through various technology and process solutions. We now consult them whenever possible.”

    -Chairman, nationally ranked healthcare system.

  • Oil & Gas

    “The Aescit Corporation has been supporting our pipeline integrity and industrial construction operations for several years now. Thier agility and hands on customer service has proven elemental to our success through a very difficult market.”

    -COO, $72 million O&G construction and maintenance company.

  • Manufacturing

    “Quality professionals are the lifeblood of our operations and effectiveness as a team in supporting the manufacturing capability of the US Department of Defense. For many years, the Aescit Corporation has supported our operational readiness with flexibility, ensuring that we deliver on time, on target.”

    -Executive Board Member, forbes top 10 defense contracting companies.

  • Construction

    “In the fast paced and dynamic world of commercial construction, many on-site challenges are presented on a daily basis. After consulting with Aescit and implementing several of their recommendations and team members, we were able to complete our phase of the project more than 3 weeks ahead of schedule and 13% under budget.”

    -Director, $2.4 billion general contracting group.

  • Software Engineering

    “After listening to our goals, the Aescit technical solutions team created a series of plugins for several existing Softwares as a Service, as well as numerous stand alone programs, which greatly enhanced our control room’s cognizance of our operations and personnel.”

    -CTO, major city transportation company.

  • Expanded Bandwidth

    “For medium sized tech firms, expanding our in house team can be difficult to justify for a single very large project and off-shoring coding labor is presents a very clear security risk than many clients are unwilling to take. The Aescit Corporation expanded our capabilities on last minute notice with quality software engineers and programmers, each adhering to the project’s security constrictions.”

    -CEO, $10 million mobile & web-app development firm.

  • AST

    “Aescit’s Team deployed advanced techniques and thorough full spectrum software penetration testing, then recommended and implemented solutions to mitigate our risk profile - without causing us to change our client management software.”

    -CSO, internationally ranked top 10 hotel company.

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