Technology Gap Assessment & Implementation

Secure information and operational data.

Applications are astonishing assets which reshape how we interact with data and connect to the world around us. That being said, because applications often handle sensitive information end users are exposed to security risks that range from data theft to operating system disruption. However, with Aescit’s Application Security Testing (“AST”) platform, you can rest assured that your applications are operating knowing that security vulnerabilities within your applications have been mitigated.

Whether it is existing modern or legacy applications that are in use, or new applications in development, Aescit’s Application Security Testing (“AST”) service platform can assess security vulnerabilities at all stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (“SDLC”).

Featured Capabilities

What is Application Security Testing?

Application Security Testing (“AST”) is the process of evaluating the security posture of an application in order to identify security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cyber-attack originators. If discovered and exploited by malicious activators, these vulnerabilities could cause numerous problems such as, preventing data access, compromising proprietary data, crippling operations being managed by the software in use, or even disrupting customer loyalty software and industrial plant controls.

SDLC Integration

To help our clients secure applications and realize savings, Aescit provides security services throughout the entire Software Development Lifecycle (“SDLC”).

Application TypesApp Lifecycle StagesAescit Security ServicesRelated Security Activity
Mobile ApplicationConcept & Planning
Web ApplicationsRequirement AnalysisSecurity AlignmentAlign application usage with associated security risks.
Desktop ApplicationsArchitecture & DesignThreat modeling & architectural analysisReview application architecture for security gaps.
Industrial & Distributive Control Systems (ICS/DCS)Development
Pre-deployment Testing
Static Application Security Testing
Dynamic Application Security Testing
Identify architectural weaknesses while running application.
Internet of Things (IoT)Operation & MaintenanceRisk ManagementMonitor and update applications in use to keep them stable and secure throughout their lifecycle.

AST Services

Static Application Security Testing Services (SAST)

Some vulnerabilities are difficult or even impossible to find while an application is running. SAST takes is a deeper analysis to examine an application’s source code, byte code and application binaries for indications of a security vulnerability.

  • Aescit Team members analyze all code – including open source and third-party components.
  • Our technologies do not require that we have access to your source code.
  • Full engineering report on vulnerabilities & our team’s recommendations for security updates.
  • Process designed with FS-ISAC’s recommendations for reducing third party software risk.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

DAST is an application security evaluation process which tests security while the application is in a running state. Using a myriad of proprietary tools, Aescit will often run several virtual machines to emulate the hardware specifications of the device(s) that your software is intended for.

  • A must for applications and software in pre-release stages.
  • Our team identifies and deploys open source, paid for tools, and advanced techniques used by malicious agents to identify and exploit architectural weaknesses and vulnerabilities within applications while in a running state.
  • Our process was specifically designed to mimic the most advanced hacking rings.
  • Rapidly identifies highly exploitable vulnerabilities, which could adversely affect end user security.

Vendor Application Security Testing (VAST)

Less than 9.0% of third-party software comply with enterprise security standards. To keep our clients safe, mitigate liability and in regulatory compliance, Aescit provides Vendor Application Security Testing (VAST) to mitigate the risk from outsourced software services and third-party applications.

Real World Testing Scenarios (RWTS)

Our isolated test environment enables our Security Operations Center, Network Security Auditors, and Engineers to run RWS in order to place the system under real world scrutiny and operational review. We put applications through their paces with the most advanced threats to ensure maximum security.

  • Our tailored scenarios are designed to put your software in the most accurate testing environments by emulating hardware specification, connectivity, and 3rd part application access.
  • Test your software against the world’s most malicious threats, such as AccuTrack, AVPass, Sasser and WireLurker.

Remediation Advisory Services

Our world-class engineering team merges their extensive experience, credentials and certifications with the most current threat data, proven proprietary assessment methodologies and a wide range of technologies to find, profile and prioritize application security vulnerabilities.

  • Strengthen application security program management initiatives
  • Gain full spectrum security coverage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help your organization deliver and use connected products.
  • Performance metrics to monitor application security program progress.
  • Regulatory compliance, policy and guideline creation, as well as third-party vendor compliance management