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Strengthen your network security.

Auditing network security risks, measuring their potential implications, and promoting compliance is a streamlined and thorough process with Aescit. By deploying advanced proprietary techniques and top-tier personnel, we enable our clients to operate with full system availability and critical data security.

The goal of our Network Security Auditors is to apply their capabilities in order to assist our clients in developing a comprehensive understanding of their infrastructure's weak points in order to improve their defensive posture, before they are exploited by an adversarial cyber threat.

Aescit is recognized for having our clients closely involved in auditing process for their own peace of mind and delivering the most comprehensive audits available to insure that security systems are maintaining proper controls and are operating with optimal effectiveness.

We are passionate about working with clients to complete thorough audits within a predetermined scope of work, agreed to by our clients. Our network auditing process is centered on providing our clients with:

  • Heightened Information Security
  • Cost effective improvements
  • Client compliance objectives
  • Non-disruptive implementation
  • Accurate, independent and comprehensive reporting

Our team of subject matter experts hold some of the industry’s most advanced certifications and apply the industries most robust testing methods to provide our clients with an accurate understanding of their security and risk profile.

  • External & Internal Network Assessments
  • Network Architecture and Configuration Analysis
  • What is a Network Security Audit?
  • Network Auditing Process
  • Active Directory Analysis
  • Reviews of:
    • Applications
    • Firewall Security
    • VPN Security
    • Mobile Infrastructure
    • Wireless Security
    • Much more ...
  • Real World Attack Scenarios (“RWAS”). Our RWAS simulate the most advanced real world cyber-attacks in order to leave no network feature unexplored / examined. These non-malicious scenarios are modeled after real attacks that have been witnessed in networks analogous to our client's.
  • Graphical Analysis. Our graphical summary of network maps and associated network security audit findings is a great tool to help our clients understand their network intricacies, and in the event that corrective actions need to be taken our clients fully understand their ramifications.

We align our client's regulatory compliance and industry standard objectives with network security auditing to ensure that they can effectively operate within regulatory scope. Aescit has extensive experience with a wide range of compliance requirements from HIPAA and PCI DSS, to CPFB & ISO and the security requirement they maintain. Leading organization choose us because we provide:

  • Expertise with integrity
  • Comprehensive analysis
  • Accurate data collection
  • Independent reporting
  • Proven methods / techniques

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