Software & Platforms

Advance initiatives and effectively manage your technology ecosystem.

Having expertise spanning hardware, software, data management, and cloud computing our clients gain a comprehensive service resource dedicated to working with them to maximize the value of their digital ecosystem.

Throughout the technology lifecycle we remain steadfast in ensuring that our clients have the support they need to develop new capabilities, manage technology, maintain market agility, and capitalize on valuable data.


Related Business Units

With integrated business units, each with their own comprehensive resources and experienced subject matter specialist, we provide streamlined service resource to enable imperative initiatives.

Aescit Spatial Analysis

Specialized data collection and integration with existing data, then translating the culmination into meaningful insights for government and private sector leaders.

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Aescit Technology

Working with private sector and government leaders to design, develop and implement effective technology strategies and data management systems.

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Engineering & Construction

Comprehensive construction capabilities dedicated to field and modular construction, with a range of integrated specialized services for greenfield and brownfield projects.

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Workforce Management

Staffing, Recruiting, Workforce Management, and HR Advisory services provide complete human resource versatility to cost effectively manage workload fluctuations and domain expertise requirements.

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