Information Technology

Our comprehensive information technology platform integrates talented personnel, diverse perspectives, and extraordinary technology to support you in the fulfilment of organizational initiatives and project objectives. Through all stages of the software and technology lifecycle, we work with clients using proven development and delivery programs to complete tasks with the highest attention to quality and timeliness.

Featured Offerings

Application Staffing

  • Capitalize on one of the largest pools of qualified candidates spanning the full spectrum of application development skillsets with one of the shortest “time-to- fill” periods in the industry.
  • Easily augment core competencies with personnel experienced in a vast variety of technology from writing in all coding languages to machine learning.
  • Gain on-demand resource flexibility and cost effectively maintain technology domain knowledge while augmenting your core competencies.
  • With on-demand workforce management services, increase profitability by paying for staff you need, only when you need them.
  • Our quality programs and personnel benefit structures ensure that our personnel have the training, hands-on experience and personal motivates to make positive contributions.
  • Avoid workforce liability as a result of personnel being employed by Aescit.

Network Infrastructure Staffing

  • Bring to life transformative networks with the skills of a single network engineer, or an entire ground up project team able to manage, update, and lead network agendas.
  • Grow your portfolio of solutions, and support them with network standards that fit your network vision, have less downtime and faster application delivery.
  • Gain efficiency and peace of mind by working with a single source of infrastructural specialists to integrate the best network solutions for your organization.

AIM-Recruiting Program

  • No upfront fees - Fees only apply when a candidate is hired.
  • Practical flat fees - We charge a flat recruiting fee comparable to insourcing.
  • 60-day guarantee – If a candidate leaves within 60 days of starting, we will recruit a replacement with no additional fees.
  • Flexible hiring options - Contract-to-hire; keep personnel on our books as contingent labor until you are ready to hire them.
  • Because we manage 90% of the recruiting process you are able to free up valuable administrative resources.

Application Development

  • Accelerate application time-to-market, and reduce development costs by 15% to 50%.
  • Integrate capabilities into applications and service offerings which are outside of your competencies, and avoid costly resource investments while doing so.
  • Develop new competencies through a risk mitigated approach with incremental resource investment, while having 100% capacity utilization of that competency over the development window.
  • Efficiently manage compliance and specialty clearance requirements needed for sensitive application development.

Application Management and Support

  • Cost effectively manage IT support for fielded technology.
  • With application lifecycle support you can correct faults, improve performance, adapt the software to accommodate new usage requirements, and much more.
  • With our custom made training and support programs, you can increase the organizational pace in which new technology is assimilated.

Program and Project Management

  • With application lifecycle support you can correct faults, improve performance, adapt the software to accommodate new usage requirements, and much more.
  • With our custom made training and support programs, you can increase the organizational pace in which new technology is assimilated.

On-Demand Software Development

  • Gain the advantages of a scalable intellectual and resource platform to absorb changing project needs and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • Save time by receiving clean code, that is provided form our secure source, free of malware and “zero-day” vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain reliable bandwidth without it's expense. We can help you with on-demand individual developers to dedicated development teams needed to augment in-house workload capacity.
  • With dedicated teams on the same time zone, proficient in your native language, you can confidently and comfortably collaborate to execute program and project tasks in a time saving manner.

Digital and Creative Services

  • Leverage digital media and message impact to your advantage.
  • Work directly with a number of highly experienced marketing resources to further support brand equity.
  • We source innovative designers and creative marketing technologists with the skills our clients need to build and maintain a strong digital marketing resource.

Application Performance Testing & Engineering

  • Ensure that deliverables are met and that applications developed meet user experience goals.
  • Confirm operational readiness and data management are

Application Security Testing

  • Identify and mitigate “zero-day” security vulnerabilities that can be exploited to access sensitive information, or restrict access to vital data.
  • Gain full spectrum security coverage on the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Ensure vendor deliverable are secure with our Vendor Application Testing Services.
  • Obtain detailed remediation information from testing techniques that identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity.
  • Thoroughly remediate application vulnerabilities with comprehensive collaborative remediation services.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing and Management

  • Identify security vulnerabilities within the applications, protocol and devices of your IoT infrastructure.
  • Remediate security vulnerabilities within IoT assets.
  • Safeguard confidential data and communications.


  • Secure the integrity of your communications and information with advanced encryption.
  • Meet regulatory compliance standards.
  • Operate free of ransom-wear attacks with the support of Aescit cryptology services.

Network Security Auditing

  • Identify with non-disruptive methods network vulnerabilities.
  • Remediate network vulnerabilities.
  • Cost effectively manage compliance and regulatory requirements.

Application and technology management

  • Commission ground up custom applications or existing application modernization from industrial controls to singular product functionalities.
  • Accelerate product time to market by over 20%, as well as the pace of product innovations.
  • Elevate the connectivity of your technology ecosystems, and better connect with staff as well as create more value for consumers.
  • Efficiently integrate IoT into product value chains.
  • Ensure that applications and relative devices are maintained and supported throughout their lifecycles.

Data analytics

  • Store, manage and analyze data across numerous sources while making data meaningfully accessible for product development, support staff and administrative personnel.
  • Determine precisely what data to collect and where to collect it, and turn inconsistent and incomplete data into clean, ready to-use-data for analysis.
  • Effectively implement real-time data collection, and immediate ongoing data analysis for with user friendly visualization tools.
  • Implement predicative data analytics to maximize product effectiveness and consumer utility.

Technology Consulting

  • With our vendor management services effectively align vendors, schedules, and client integration platforms.
  • We can help you integrate the best software, firmware and hardware to achieve product functionality and envisioned efficiencies.
  • Overcome organizational pushback and investment hurdles associated with IT integration with our ongoing tailor fitted IT support programs.

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