Engineering & Construction

Global clients turn to our capabilities and comprehensive solutions to achieve project and portfolio objectives, because they know they can rely on us to consistently deliver exceptional quality services.

As a customer centric organization, we rapidly assimilate our clients’ requirements through tailor fitted solutions that align resources, technology and personnel to ensure the delivery of services that help our clients increase profits and safety.

With robust capabilities and decades of experience that support the complete lifecycle of projects in industrial, civil and commercial construction and engineering, we are dedicated to the advancement of client initiatives.

Featured Offerings

Contingent Labor Staffing

  • With Aescit, you can access one of the largest pools of qualified candidates spanning the full spectrum of construction skill sets, with one of the shortest “time- to-fill” periods in the industry.
  • With on-demand workforce management services, you can increase profitability by paying for staff you need, only when you need them.
  • Gain on-demand flexibility to cost effectively maintain technology and technique domain knowledge, as well as optimal ratios of technical expertise to workforce volume.
  • Our quality programs and personnel benefit structures align to ensure that our personnel have the training, hands-on experience and personal motivates to make positive contributions.

AIM-Recruiting Program

  • No upfront fees - Fees only apply when a candidate is hired.
  • Practical flat fees - We charge a flat recruiting fee comparable to insourcing.
  • Flexible hiring options - Contract-to-hire; keep personnel on our books as contingent labor until you are ready to hire them.
  • We manage 90% of the recruiting process so you can free up valuable administrative resources.


  • To ensure the retention of the most talented people who meet our client’s expectations, we provide our contract-to-hire program, where clients can work with job candidates for as long as they desire as a contingent resource under our employment, and then hire them permanently when they are ready.

Quality Control Inspection Services

  • Our wide range of inspectors provide independent inspection for both new construction and existing assets.
  • Streamline inspection service through a single vendor, we help our clients by providing services, from NDT testing to rope access inspection personnel.
  • Gain efficiency through streamlined quality control process across all areas of operations.
  • Sure up investor and owner sentiment through effective documentation, while mitigating liability.

Supplier Quality Surveillance Services (SQS)

  • Ensure that you meet compliance and regulatory standards.
  • Avoid supply chain risk and disruptions.
  • Mitigate supplier performance risk that could impede product delivery and performance, by proactively identifying product dificiencies before they impact end user deliverables.
  • Increase supplier collaboration and gain better inventory control.

Vendor Management

  • Streamline your supplier base and accounting through a single vendor management source.
  • Gather visibility into vendor performance and services, in order to manage vendor value propositions for better supply chain management.

Quality Program Agency & Staffing Support

  • Cost effectively expand your bandwidth and onsite expertise to support your quality programs with the support of our full spectrum of inspectors and quality managers.

Non-Destructive Testing, Destructive Testing, and Hydrotesting

  • Going beyond visual inspections, we ensure the reliability and safety of your equipment and resources with non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing services.
  • Our hydrostatic testing services include filling and gauging, DOT testing, and pipeline drying (air or nitrogen).

E&I Integrity Services, Including Electrical Compliance Optimization (ECO)

  • Collaborate with critical insights, and proactively manage assets with full integrity management, ongoing inspection, and preventive maintenance services, including failure mode effect and analysis.
  • Our hazardous area integrity assurance and inspection services increase safety and assure compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Start-up & Commissioning Services

  • Increase successful project delivery certainty with comprehensive installation, commissioning, and start-up services, calibration and configuration services, traceable field testing, and documentation and data sheet assurance.
  • Enhance equipment reliability with our precision power cabling, process control installation, load studies, power quality analysis, as well as complete validation and resolution services.
  • Increase profits with our energy saving building services that include electrical systems engineering, systems consulting, and energy efficient hardware installation.
  • Financial feasibility analysis, and consulting for energy efficient buildings / facilities.

Shut-downs & Turnaround Services

  • With dedicated resources, our experienced personnel confidently execute shutdown and turnarounds for complex assets on tight timelines.
  • In traditional and confined spaces, we can retrofit new equipment into existing applications for on-line and off-line assets.

Instrumentation and Control Services

  • We provide a wide range of instrumentation and control systems services including, field instrumentation, system analysis, hardware engineering and installation, as well as instrumentation reliability improvements.
  • We can optimize operations with custom software development, automated systems, MES, DCS and PCL as well as provide control systems and software maintenance, training, and on-call support centers.
  • By combining automated building systems and experience we can decrease costs of operating buildings and plants.

Field and Shop Welding Capabilities

  • From oil and gas, to aerospace, our certified and qualified welders are proficient in welding specialty materials, including propriety alloys, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • Leverage our versatile capabilities for complete project control, from pipeline combination-welders to structural welders, with integrate quality control programs.
  • Stay on schedule and maximize your run-time with responsive welding teams for construction, installation, and maintenance of plants, equipment, pipelines, as well as vessel and bulk storage assets.
  • We provide reliable field and mobile services in the harshest environments to support your operations from safety integrity and valve replacement, to emergency services.
  • Cost effectively expand your workforce bandwidth and scope using our on-demand contract staffing welder services.

Comprehensive Hydroblasting Solutions

  • Equipment capable of delivering up to 40,000 psi, with low and high flow volume flexibility, and the capacity to support numerous large scale projects in tandem.
  • Solutions for cleaning hard-to-reach or hazardous areas using robotics and remote-control technologies.
  • Project support including pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance or shutdowns.
  • Surface preparation and cleaning, descaling, cleaning of pipework, heat exchangers, tanks and vessels, as well as numerous solutions weld preparation.
  • Coating, paint, polymer and mill scale removal
  • Pre-commissioning and shutdown
  • Remediation and Hydro-demolition

Comprehensive Chemical Cleaning Solutions

  • Through dedicated lab and field service resources we implement tailor fitted solutions that meet the specific needs of your plant, refinery, heat exchanger, pipelines and facilities.
  • We support a full range of cleaning methods including, foam, vapor, gelled fluids, sprays and soaking depending on client requirements.
  • Aescit will help you eliminate costly plant start-up problems from undesirable deposits with pre-operational cleaning.

Comprehensive Hydrotesting Services

  • Aescit’s Compressive Hydrotesting Services include;
    • Hydrotesting
    • Pneumatic leak testing
    • Nitrogen or helium leak testing
    • Complete flange management
    • System hydrotesting, flushing and drying
  • By verifying the integrity of your systems with Aescit’s hydrotesting services you will increase the safety and the operational uptime of critical pipeline and process assets.
  • Aescit also provides full turnkey project management and technical solutions of your hydrotesting program with a wide range of capabilities and technical expertise.

Comprehensive Valve Testing and Repair Services

  • With a proven track record our expertise includes;
    • Pressure relief valve testing
    • Control valve testing and repairs
    • Process valve and actuator testing and repairs
    • Onsite tight valve testing
  • Our tailor fitted valve management program gives you the ability to efficiently manage your valve inventory across a portfolio of assets. With a real-time registry of valves and preemptive planning you will be able to effectively reduce costs, increase safety and easily meet compliance requirements.

Comprehensive Bolting & Torqueing Solutions

  • We provide a full range of services including;
    • Bolt torqueing and tensioning
    • Ultrasonic bolt monitoring
    • Flange spreading solutions
    • Turbine torqueing
    • Nut splitting
  • We fully support onsite and offsite bolting and torqueing for on-shore and off-shore projects.
  • Aescit also provides complete project management services, including flange management, tightening procedure development, equipment consulting, and reporting.

Comprehensive On-Site Machining (OSM)

  • Our On-Site Machining Services include;
    • Flange Face Machining
    • RJ Rectification
    • Thread Milling
    • Keyway Cutting
    • Cold and Hot Tapping and Stoppling
    • Surveying
    • Trepanning, reaming and boring
    • Weld Preparation
  • With the latest technology and experienced technicians, we produce reliable results onsite, which are usually only attainable in machine shops.

Project Management & Project Controls

  • We provide comprehensive PM and PC services from the provision of part time project management specialists to full suite PMC services.
  • Capitalize on our decades of expertise in the areas of planning, estimating, commercial, procurement, and cost control.
  • Ensure that objectives are met, with management audits and assurance reviews to assess your project’s health, and receive targeted recommendations deviations found.
  • Our experienced project leadership and management team can build a project excellence program that achieves positive tangible outcomes, with tailored project leadership coaching and training programs, which can be introduced at any time during a projects life.

Engineering Services

  • We provide off-site and on-site engineering staff to carry out dedicated programs in work areas including, process, mechanical, piping, structural, programming, and E&I.

PMC Services

  • Increase project value by utilizing our full suite project management teams to carry out PMC services, as well as client project management representatives.
  • Based on decades of experience, our PMC personnel will bring proactive processes to ensure your project is maintained on the trajectory you desire.

Comprehensive HR Management

  • Through an integrated HR management platform, minimize compliance and safety risks, lower overhead costs and increase efficiency.
  • Train your workforce, ensure personnel deliverable meet your standards, and manage personnel certifications with ease with our integrated HR programs.
  • Focus on revenue generation by alleviating the time it takes for varying administrative staff to manage human resource issues.

Handover Management

  • With our experienced Handover Managers and Engineers to lead the assurance process, certify construction is completed as required, and is safe for commissioning.
  • Benefit from fastidious Document Controllers for engineering and construction data management.
  • Our vendor data technicians provide complying, reviewing, commenting and closing of vendor data management processes.
  • Our Equipment Preservation Specialists Ensure mitigate project start-up risks and increase operational reliability with effective preservation services.


  • Aescit provides first-class commissioning leaders and managers that have decades of experience in specialized areas such as process control, as well as personnel with broader knowledge of overarching disciplines.
  • Our process control programmers are available to help in coding process logic, or working with field changes during commissioning activities.
  • Our commissioning personnel have significant experience in preparing detailed commissioning procedures, commissioning logic flow and troubleshooting.
  • Streamline your overall operations and maintenance training requirements for a specialized training need, or a comprehensive overall project operations and maintenance training program.

Comprehensive Shutdown and Turnaround Solutions

  • Full turnkey asset integrity solutions and turnaround expertise span from isolated emergency repairs, to large scale complex shutdowns and turnarounds.
  • Collaborating with clients we develop and implement solutions based on best practices and experience that has proven to ensure punctual schedule deliverables, and budget adherence to increase your investment returns.
  • With dedication to our clients’ objective paired with our robust dedicated asset management resources we provide our clients with a single-source service resource for complete asset lifecycle management that supports effective business planning.

Application and technology management

  • Commission ground up custom applications or existing application modernization.
  • Create unbeatable connectivity to more effectively interact with staff, suppliers, contractors, finance sources and clients, as well as provide them access to data they need through integrated platforms.
  • Efficiently integrate desired technology, IoT, virtual reality and augmented service and product value chains.
  • Decrease operating costs with better coordination.

Technology Consulting Services

  • Achieve high rates of return on technology investments by selecting, integrating and managing an optimal technology portfolio.
  • Never miss a value opportunity. Capitalize on increased connectivity with effective alignment of vendors, schedules, and client integration platforms.
  • With our ongoing tailor fitted IT support programs overcome organizational pushback and investment hurdles associated with IT integration.
  • Gain competitive advantages and brand recognition, from 3D printing and automation, to augmented reality.

Digital and Creative Services

  • Leverage digital media and message impact to your advantage.
  • Work directly with a number of highly experienced marketing resources to further support brand equity.
  • We source innovative designers and creative marketing technologists with the skills our clients need to build and maintain a strong digital marketing resource.

Instrumentation and Control Services

  • Profit from our wide range of instrumentation and control systems services from building, plant and field instrumentation with system analysis, to hardware engineering and installation.
  • Optimize operations with custom software development including, automated systems, MES, DCS and PCL.
  • Keep assets operating smoothly with control upgrades, software maintenance, personnel training, and on-call support centers.
  • Together we can increase building and facility profits with automated building controls and systems.

Application Security Testing

  • Identify and mitigate “zero-day” security vulnerabilities that can be exploited to access sensitive information, or restrict access to vital data.
  • Obtain detailed remediation information from testing techniques that identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity.
  • Thoroughly remediate application vulnerabilities with comprehensive collaborative remediation services.
  • Gain full spectrum security coverage on your Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing and Management

  • Identify security vulnerabilities within the applications, protocol and devices that constitute your IoT infrastructure.
  • Mitigate security vulnerabilities within your IoT ecosystem.
  • Manage the security posture of the IoT to enhance productivity and mitigate cyber security threats.

Cryptology Services

  • Enhance the security of your data and communications with advanced encryption.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and mitigate liabilities.
  • Operate free of ransom-wear attacks with the support of Aescit cryptology services.

Network Security Auditing

  • Identify with non-disruptive methods network vulnerabilities.
  • Remediate network vulnerabilities.
  • Cost effectively manage compliance and regulatory requirements.

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