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Optimizing M&A and R&D investments, accelerating innovation, integrating new technology, and streamlining production operations are all value drivers that we can help you capitalize on in order to successfully navigate an ever more frugal customer base and competitive marketspaces.

Not only do we hold the clearances necessary for projects where discretion is at the utmost importance, but our vast experience and direct knowledge on both the consumer and production side of the equation – is something our partners have been able to lean on for many years.

Featured Offerings

Contingent Labor Staffing

  • Gain on-demand flexibility to cost effectively maintain technology and technique domain knowledge, as well as maintain optimal ratios of technical expertise to workforce volume.
  • With on-demand workforce management services, you can increase profitability by paying for staff you need, only when you need them.
  • Access to one of the largest pools of prequalified candidates with one of the shortest “time-to-fill” periods in the industry.
  • Streamline operations with a single point of contact for contingent force management, and increase per capita productivity and morale.
  • With personnel employed by Aescit and covered by our insurances you will mitigate workforce liability.
  • Quality programs and benefit structures align our personnel directly to personal and unit performance to increase their motivation, and ensure that they have the training, credentialing and hands-on competencies to make positive contributions.

AIM-Recruiting Program

  • No upfront fees - Fees only apply when a candidate is hired.
  • Practical flat fees - We charge a flat recruiting fee comparable to insourcing.
  • 60-day guarantee – If a candidate leaves within 60 days of starting, we will recruit a replacement with no additional fees.
  • Flexible hiring options - Contract-to-hire; keep personnel on our books as contingent labor until you are ready to hire them.
  • Because we manage 90% of the recruiting process you are able to free up valuable administrative resources.

Application Security Testing

  • Identify and mitigate “zero-day” security vulnerabilities that can be exploited to access sensitive information, or restrict access to vital system functions and data.
  • Gain full spectrum security coverage on the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Ensure vendor deliverable are secure with our Vendor Application Testing Services.
  • Obtain detailed remediation information from testing techniques that identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities based on their severity.
  • Thoroughly remediate application vulnerabilities with comprehensive collaborative remediation services.

Internet of Things (IoT) Security Testing and Management

  • Identify security vulnerabilities within your connected ecosystem.
  • Mitigate security vulnerabilities within your IoT assets.
  • Manage the security posture of the IoT to enhance productivity and mitigate cyber security threats.


  • Test existing encryption integrity, and realign it if necessary.
  • Enhance the security posture of your data and inner device communications with advanced encryption.
  • Mitigate man-in-the-middle cyber-attacks and enhance the security of your IoT ecosystems.
  • Operate free of ransom-wear attacks with the support of Aescit cryptology services.

Network Security Auditing

  • Identify network vulnerabilities with nondisruptive methods.
  • Remediate network vulnerabilities.
  • Cost effectively manage compliance and regulatory requirements.

Application and technology development

  • Commission ground up custom applications and operating systems, or modernize existing applications for manufacturing processes or fielded technology operating systems.
  • Manage applications and operating systems through their lifecycle with continuous tailor fitted support.
  • From craft-to-craft communications, to staff and customer connectivity, we can constitute robust collaborative ecosystems.
  • Efficiently integrate IoT and enable effective end-user engagement initiatives
  • With secure collaboration software and augmented intelligence, accelerate product time to market by over 20%, as well as the pace of product innovations.

Data Analytics

  • Collect, store, manage and analyze data across numerous sources while making data meaningfully accessible to engineers and clients.
  • Determine precisely what data to collect and where to collect it, and turn inconsistent and incomplete information into clean, ready to-use-data for analysis.
  • Effectively implement real-time data collection, and immediate ongoing data analysis with user friendly visualization tools to gain powerful insights to make more proactive decisions faster.
  • Implement predicative data analytics to maximize product effectiveness and consumer utility.

Technology Consulting

  • Capitalize on increased connectivity with effective alignment of vendors, schedules, and client integration platforms.
  • We can help you increase your return on technology investments by deploying the best technology to achieve envisioned efficiencies and service quality goals.
  • With our tailor fitted technology support, you can efficiently overcome client and organizational pushback and investment hurdles associated with new technology.
  • Ensure that applications are maintained and personnel are supported throughout you software and hardware’s lifecycles.

Automation and Robotics

  • More efficiently introduce product changes into ongoing manufacturing processes.
  • Improve workplace safety and quality, while reducing labor costs, time to completion, and product reworks.
  • Increase process efficiency by over 30% by integrating automation software, utilizing sensory equipment to monitor manufacturing, as well as data and logic controllers.
  • Decrease equipment maintenance costs by over 27% with integrated preventative maintenance technology.

Supplier Quality Surveillance Services (SQS)

  • Ensure that you meet compliance and regulatory standards.
  • Proactively identify product deficiencies before they find their way into your products and impair end user deliverables.
  • Increase supplier collaboration to gain better inventory control and support just-in-time inventory management.

Supply Chain Management

  • Cost effectively manage the contract lifecycle from product development and planning, to procurement and logistics management.
  • Benefit from just-in-time inventory management.
  • Streamline your supplier base and accounting through a single vendor management source.
  • Gather visibility into vendor performance and service to price competitiveness for better supply chain management.

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