Innovation and Adaptability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Innovation and Adaptability During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 is pushing companies to work together in new ways, creating ecosystem-wide innovation. Businesses will be set apart by the way they merge and combine seemingly separate strategies. Today, emerging technologies are gaining momentum and innovation timelines are speeding up. Consider how companies are utilizing virtual meeting strategies to host interactive meetings and conferences to meet the needs of remote teams and adapt to new methods of contactless networking. The pandemic is driving enterprises to consider and test many new partnerships and possibilities. The partnerships, products, and services that enterprises are building today have the potential to define business and technology for years to come.

In fact, long-term, the rules around innovations may never be the same. Opportunities that businesses expected to have years to prepare for are quickly approaching. To meet these challenges, organizations will need to innovate, invent, and redefine themselves. People are depending on technology more than ever. How quickly and responsibly enterprises deploy it matters more than ever. Aescit technology advisors will help you set your course for success despite the pandemic, after for the future long after.

The pandemic and subsequent restrictions that result is focusing more attention than ever on automation to replace and assist personnel in their tasks, duties – and even in the creation of additional automation to solve problems created by the pandemic. Consider how 4G networks grew in lockstep with the rising popularity of smartphones. Robots, IoT devices, and 5G will likely have a similar relationship, as many robot use cases will need increased data transfer rates and decreased latency. The data created by all these technologies will required more advanced and specialized data management systems. The future of automation technology is a partnership between adaptability and ease of use.

Aescit technologies will provide scalable and strategic agility and flexible, living architectures that adapt to organizational change, including the following services:

  • Transform low-hanging business processes, e.g. customer-facing processes
  • Modernize systems and platforms to ensure peak performance, usability, and security
  • Build innovation centers/hubs to transform multiple processes
  • Decouple from legacy and transform with the cloud
  • Double down on industry-specific, customized technology
  • Deliver tech-augmented training for working with technologies of the future (AI, XR and experiential, personalized)
  • Build adaptable, intuitive IT systems that enable scale and strategic agility

Contact our team today to discuss automation and efficiency needs and goals for your organization. The path to forward-looking success is paved with human-focused technology.