Data Analytics

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Featured Capabilities

Construction Monitoring & Assessment

As your consulting partner we bring the best minds and constructive energy together to develop transformative strategies, map out optimal courses of action to achieve them, and help you establish the infrastructure needed to fulfill them.

Having extensive experience spanning numerous industries and their value drivers, we bring a fresh perceptive with innovative ideas and meaningful solutions to strategic programs.

We collaborate with you to develop a tailor fitted program built on your distinctive requirements, and never attempt to transfer standardized programs form other client engagements.

Aerial Traffic Study

UAV’s currently play a vital role in the measurement and monitoring of traffic patterns on roadways and through neighborhoods. Traffic flow, timing of traffic signals, traffic patterns and lane weave patterns at freeway on-ramps, can most effectively be monitored from the air via a tethered drone or pre-planned drone flight. This technology provides great support for Smart City implementations, traffic impact studies and and to assist in the creation of traffic mitigations.