Increase profits with predictable quality, dependable deliverables, and effective resource alignment.

Aescit has been safely and successfully delivering construction services to projects around the world, including complex multi-faceted mega projects in the most challenging locations, as well as single work scope assignments with rapid turnaround parameters on high-density sites.

With deep expertise in construction spanning a wide breath of industries we deliver field-tested solutions and predictable results over the entire range of project execution requirements.

Also, in addition to the provision of construction services, Aescit is recognized for the supply of best-in-class construction materials and fabrication services.  With Aescit our clients gain a consolidated service and materials resource to drive savings and streamline project delivery.  


Related Business Units

Working globally, we capitalize on the integrated capabilities of our specialized business units, providing our clients with a consolidated service resource, that delivers savings, streamlined project delivery, and exceptional quality.

Aescit Spatial Analysis

Specialized data collection and integration with existing data, then translating the culmination into meaningful insights for government and private sector leaders.

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Aescit Technology

Working with private sector and government leaders to design, develop and implement effective technology strategies and data management systems.

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Concrete & Materials Supply Services

Globally recognized for providing best-in-class turnkey concrete, aggregate and precast product supply services.

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Engineering & Construction

Comprehensive construction capabilities dedicated to field and modular construction, with a range of integrated specialized services for greenfield and brownfield projects.

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Maintenance & Integrity

Comprehensive plant and asset lifecycle support services. Dedicated to ensuring that our client’s assets operate safely and efficiently to achieve tangible bottom-line results.

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Workforce Management

Staffing, Recruiting, Workforce Management, and HR Advisory services provide complete human resource versatility to cost effectively manage workload fluctuations and domain expertise requirements.

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