Concrete & Materials
Supply Services

Consistent Quality. Delivery Certainty.

Aescit’s Concrete & Materials business unit is globally recognized for providing best-in-class turnkey concrete, aggregate, and precast product supply services. As a leading global supplier of building materials Aescit combines experience and dedicated resources to enable our clients to meet rigorous project requirements and implement optimal project solutions that add significant project value.

Featured Capabilities

Concrete Batch Plant Services

Aescit hosts a series of efficient, turn-key batch plant services which are scalable for projects requiring just 30,000 yd³ of concrete, to mega projects requiring over 500,000 yd³ of concrete.”

High Performance Batch Plants

  • Aescit’s Transportation & Logistics Group is internationally recognized for implementing dependable solutions for often complex project and schedule requirements.
  • Single batch plant outputs for mobile and semi-mobile plants range from 25 yd3/hr. to 400 yd3/hr.
  • Experienced operating in both urban and remote locations, to include a wide range of challenging environmental conditions.

Transportation & Logistics Services

Gain complete concrete supply chain accountability and control to meet project schedules. Aescit’s Transportation and Logistics Department provides complete building material transportation services.

Reliable Material Delivery

  • Aescit’s Transportation & Logistics Department ensures material deliveries at client specified locations on schedule.
  • Aescit’s career drivers and equipment operators are dedicated to safety and successful project outcomes.
  • Reliable equipment fleet that includes concrete mixer trucks, concrete pump equipment, and dump trucks.
  • Aescit provides logistic consulting and transportation services to third party suppliers.

Aggregate Supply Services

Our Aggregates Department supplies a range of high-quality crushed materials and select fills to meet project requirements and schedules.

Aggregate Materials

  • Aescit supplies a wide variety of aggregates  and site stabilizing materials, including Fines, Gravel, Base Aggregates, Cement, Railroad Ballast and Rip Rap.
  • Our Certified Quality Inspectors continuously monitor our aggregates, from the quarry to the final point of delivery to ensure aggregate delivered is on-spec.
  • Dedicated transportation logistics resources enable dependable material deliveries in accordance with project schedules.
  • Aggregate is recovered using sustainable and responsible mining programs, consistent with our environmental and safety commitment.

Precast Products

Aescit Engineered Products Department supports industrial, commercial, and civil construction projects with engineered precast, prestressed, and steel rebar reinforced concrete products to meet stringent mechanical requirements.

Concrete Railroad Ties

  • Advanced, economical designs for new or replacement concrete railroad ties / sleepers and pads.
  • Our concrete railroad ties range from high-speed rail and heavy haul, to metro railroad applications.
  • Our pre-stressed concrete ties can be spaced farther than other concrete ties, have greater durability, and improve track surface and holding performance.
  • Demonstrated capability in delivering a wide range of transportation and manufacturing standards, from United States, Europe, and Japan.

Precast Concrete Piles

  • Pre-stress concrete piles are made from high-strength concrete using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.
  • Our design-build process enables us to optimize pile designs to increase project savings and enable faster installation.
  • Our piles have superior resistance to biological erosion, chemical erosion, and hydraulic forces.
  • Aescit also supplies steel cages for poured in-place concrete piles.

Spun Cast Cylinder Piles

  • Our spun cast cylinder piles are manufactured to order, engineered to meet project specifications.
  • Various sizes can be manufactured up to an outer wall diameter of 1,676mm (66 inches).
  • Piles are virtually impervious to moisture, with superior resistant biological erosion, chemical erosion, and hydraulic force.
  • Advanced manufacturing methods result in premier quality with uniform distribution of materials through the cylinder wall.

Girders & Beams

  • Aescit provides a wide range of pre-engineered and custom girders and beams with spans of 250+ feet in length.
  • Capabilities include the delivery of complete bridge systems integrating columns and caps into a streamlined supply solution.
  • Aescit provides complete transportation of bridge products from our manufacturing plants to project sites.
  • Project specific resources and technical support, including engineers and project managers, are provided throughout the project life cycle.

Wall & Insulated Wall Panels

  • Entire pipe systems including pipe, manholes and other key elements are available that accommodate range of fluid transport requirements.
  • Anti-corrosion linings are available to provide an economical alternative for corrosives environments.
  • Our reinforced pipe provides an effective solution for low to severe cover, and live load conditions.
  • Pipe and culvert interior diameters range from 12 inches through 96 inches.