5 questions to ask when hiring a service provider

5 questions to ask when hiring service provider

Is the measurement for success of the project clearly outlined in the service proposal and contract?

A reliable IT contractor will be able to articulate the goals and outcomes expected for each project, as well as how they will deliver the results agreed upon. A clear understanding of all expectations can lead to disappointment, and worse, failure to deliver valuable services.

Are project benchmarks and delivery dates outlined in the service proposal and contract?

Your contractor must indicate the benchmarks and delivery dates for all project deliverables, as well as establishing their ability to meet deadlines. Does the contractor have enough trained staff members to complete tasks? Does the contractor have the necessary tools and supplies to complete the project? If either of these factors is lacking this should alert you to the possibility of failure to complete final project delivery in a timely manner.

Does your firm have a 24/7 help desk?

On demand IT contractors should have a help desk service to provide hardware and software support, however; the type of support services varies wildly by firm. If the proposal and contract are not specific about who provides product and service support and when the support is available, you may be left waiting hours, days or weeks when if you experience system or platform failures.

Do you outsource IT tasks?

If contracted work will be outsourced, you should be clear about who the work is outsourced to and where they are located. The fact that project work is outsourced should not cause alarm, however; understanding and addressing the security risks that this may present is essential to successful project delivery.

How and how often do you communicate project progress?

Completion of tasks must be communicated to successfully move from one project phase to another. Especially in instances when one project phase is reliant upon the completion of a subsequent phase, failing to actively communicate completion can cause costly delays in delivery. How will the contractor communicate and collaborate with stakeholders? What software/platform will be utilized to schedule, track and communicate progress of the project?   

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